Micro Build Report: QRPMe Two Tinned Tunas (EZ Build)

Sometime in 2023 I’ve purchased a couple of ham radio related building kits (Tuna Tunah, Tuna Helper, Sudden Storm, Tuna Topper) from QRPme, a ham radio kit web shop run by OM Rex Harper, W1REX. One of those building kits is called Two Tinned Tunas (EZ build) where EZ means „easy“, i.e. there are no toroids to wind. The two tinned tunas kit is basically a rock-bound CW transmitter mounted in a tuna can (as are many other of his building kits). Rock-bound means that there is no VFO (variable frequency oscillator), so you are stuck with the frequency of the crystal that’s mounted into the transmitter circuit. The kit comes with two crystals: 7,030 MHz and 7,040 MHz. It’s a well made little kit that can be easily assembled, even if one would not have to consult the detailed assembly instruction manual. Below you can find a couple of images from the build process:

Note: There was no LED shipped with the building kit, so I had to take one from my own sortiment. No problem there 😉


TTT-EZ-Build-Schematic (216 downloads ) TTT-EZ-Build-Assembly-Manual (68 downloads )

Happy building 😉

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