Micro Build Report: QRPMe Tuna Tunah

Sometime in 2023 I’ve purchased a couple of ham radio related building kits (Two Tinned Tunas, Tuna Helper, Sudden Storm, Tuna Topper) from QRPme, a ham radio kit web shop run by OM Rex Harper, W1REX. One of those building kits is called Tuna Tunah and is basically a switched inductor antenna tuner mounted in a tuna can (as are many other of his building kits). It’s a well made little kit that can be easily assembled, even if one would not have to consult the detailed (but partially outdated) assembly instruction manual. Below you can find a couple of images from the build process:


TTH-Schematic (121 downloads ) TTH-Builders-Guide-v1-2 (119 downloads )

Happy building 😉

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