European SOTA Activity Day 2022

EU SOTA Activity Day 2022

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This year’s European SOTA Activity Day 2022 took place on Saturday, 17th September 2022. It coincided with the ALL OE SOTA Activity Day 2022 as well as the OE5 SOTA Day 2022. Here’s the blog article containing the recap of the European SOTA Activity Day 2021 as well as the European SOTA Activity Day 2020.

Unfortunately this year I had a scheduling conflict since our Kendo Club Kendo Linz scheduled a seminar on Oji-Waza on the very same weekend. Since going to Kendo seminars usually involve travel it is best to take every local seminar you can get your hands on, consequently I took the hard decision to forsake this years EU SOTA Activity Day and spend it sweating, screaming and fighting in the Dojo.

See you on European SOTA Activity Day 2023!

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