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In the ever-escalating arms race between black-hat (and to some degree white-hat commercially oriented) SEO the value of search engine results continues to decline. Consequently the purpose of this blog article is to keep a curated lists of blogs that I personally have found very valuable in the context of ham radio. You may and should revisit this article in the future, as the blogroll is both subject to expansion and continuous refinement 😉

Daniel Estévez

Read this blog if you are interested into (digital) signal processing in the context of (ham) radio with a heavy focus on SATCOM (satellite communication).


This blog is written by Bill Meara, who’s also hosting the SolderSmoke Podcast and has written a very entertaining book called „SolderSmoke: Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics“ detailing his dual-life as a home-brew aficionado and US diplomat.

Modern Ham Guy

This blog contains a comprehensive list of tutorials concerning basic radio building blocks such as amplifiers, filters, oscillators, etc. – essential reading if you are interested in home-brewing your own ham radio equipment.


The AMSAT-UK blog is regularly updated and contains many information on SATCOM (satellite communication) related topics such as upcoming ISS events, updates on FUNCube and other AMSAT’s and HAMSAT’s.

Obviously this blogroll reflects on my personal preference for portable operation (i.e. SOTA) and SATCOM. If there are any blogs that you’d like to see on this list please feel free to suggest them via the comment function of this blog.

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