Several times a year the ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) team is setting up SSTV (Slow Scan Television) events where images are transmitted from the ISS down to earth for reception by eager SATCOM enthusiasts. You can check out the schedule of past and upcoming ARISS SSTV events. Or have a look at successfully received and decoded SSTV images in the gallery.

SSTV Image captured on 2020/12/02 – 14:05 UTC during ARISS SSTV Expedition 64 MAI 75

External Ressources

The following table contains links to external resources which might be helpful when trying to receive and decode SSTV images from the International Space Station (ISS).

ARISS SSTV BlogThe ARISS SSTV Blog is the authoritative source on upcoming ARISS SSTV events. However, notifications can happen on short quite notice so it pays off to set-up an automated notification system following this guide. I (OE5LXR) try my best to maintain an up-to-date ISS SSTV event schedule. Caveat: The information on that page is derived from the ARISS SSTV Blog.
ARISS SSTV GalleryThe ARISS SSTV Gallery is a collection of successfully received and decoded SSTV images during an ARISS SSTV Event. Since it's unlikely that you'll be able to receive and decode all images transmitted during any given SSTV event you take a look at the missing images there. You can also upload your own, if you have managed to capture a high quality image or if you want to apply for an ARISS SSTV Award. Although it's quite interesting to watch the images received by others nothing beats the feeling to decode your own SSTV image from the ISS. Look here for a gallery of all SSTV images received and decoded by myself.
ARISS SSTV AwardManaged by Slawomir SQ3OOK you can apply and receive awards for receicing and decoding images during ARISS SSTV events.
@RF2Space, @ARISS_statusBoth @RF2Space and @ARISS_status are twitter accounts which are worth to watch if you want the latest updates on ongoing ARISS SSTV events (and potential problems, if you are not receiving anything).
ARISSARISS (Amateur Radio on International Space Station) is a international volunteer group coordinating and supporting various amateur radio operation from the ISS.
Indonesian Space ExplorerIndonesian space explorer club is also issuing awards for both ARISS and Inter-MAI SSTV events.